Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Video Wife catches husband Having sex with a lady in the car

These married man anit loyal at all,such is the story of MR kofi kwesi from kumasi in Ghana who was caught red-handed by his married wife of 7 years doing it with a young lady in the car,the wife caught her husband with a pouplar girl in the area who has been terrorizing the entire area by sleeping area with other women husband and other ladies boyfriends and finacee,so women are always watchful and always keep trail of their man anytime anyday because of the said lady,so on theis faithful day ,the left home claiming he wanted to go an deliver some goods to his business partners,not knowing that his wife is trailing him ,but the man has made arrangement to meet with the lady somewhere , The husband picked up his girlfriend and then took her to the secret location and parked his car. Instead of going to a hotel, these two love birds decided to enjoy themselves in the car.
As they were enjoying themselves, the wife caught them red handed in the act and she immediately pounced on the lady with punches and slaps. Lol,click the play button to watch the video,  WOMAN CAUGHT HUSBAND FUCKING A LADY IN HIS CAR


Sexy Naija Runs Girl ESTHER From Ondo State Sex Photos Leaked

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VIDEO lady expelled after fellow student post her sextape online

what is these world turning into? some students  were recently expelled from school after their sex tape surface online,the incident which happens when a female student decided to get back at her cheating friend ,who sleeps around with other ladies boyfriend on campus ,decided  to plant a camera in her room when the action was on,so after the whole thing the lady post the video online,buh the video finds it way to the School top officials ,which they eventually sent the lady away fro school,click here to watch the video ,abeg rated 18+ i think someone in the porn industry need to employ this girl asap,she sabi do bajebaje  click here to watch the video